casa strategy

Our investment strategy

CASA is a first of its kind investment opportunity that combines one of the world’s most attractive real estate markets, a high-yield rental model, and technology to provide transparency and unlock liquidity for investors.
Maximum returns
CASA invests in popular tourism destinations in Portugal, starting with Lisbon and Porto. Portfolio properties are being let on short-term and mid-term basis on platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, or CASA’s yield largely outperform returns from other real estate investment categories and other traditional asset classes.
Strategic partnerships
CASA works with best-in-class partners to assess opportunities, select properties, deliver required management services and maintain the real estate portfolio. Local real estate knowledge combined with globally applicable investment best practices result in a winning strategy.
Technology & Innovation
Investment decisions are backed by big data and artificial intelligence, properties are managed by a globally leading PropTech company. Investment contributions will be tokenized once the necessary infrastructure is established to allow for smaller investments by a broader audience and to turn investments liquid.

what do we do

6 pillars of casa

From the acquisition to the management of the properties, we are focusing on long-term relationships and mutual trust.
CASA invests in residential real estate in popular tourism destinations in a professional set-up.
Growing trend towards professionally managed alternative accommodations, enabled by Airbnb & other platforms.
Properties are let on short-term to mid-term basis, which generates higher returns compared to long-term lets.
A Swiss holding company with an experienced investment team, partnerships with local partners, and a well-connected team in the target markets.
CASA leverages big data and artificial intelligence to make investment decisions and provides dashboards to investors for performance tracking.
CASA will tokenize investment contributions on the blockchain once security tokens are regulated and investment-grade infrastructure is available.

investment focus

Target markets

CASA invests into residential real estate in the most popular urban tourism destinations in Portugal.

investment strategy

Short-term & mid-term rentals

Alternative lodging has always been a popular choice for tourists travelling to Portugal, but aggregator websites such as Airbnb and HomeAway has made the selection of an appropriate accommodation and booking process significantly easier. This gave rise to a global success of home stays as a viable alternative to hotels and particularly in Portugal, where historically the most popular destinations were underserved by hotels, city stays facilitated by short-term rentals has grown tremendously.
The market for alternative lodging in Portugal is fully regulated. CASA, as the property management company and GuestReady, CASA’s subcontractor of choice for short-term rentals, are both fully licensed to conduct operations in this industry and deliver services to property investors.
Properties suitable for tourists generally generate a much higher yield on short-term basis compared to regular investment properties. However, not all properties are suitable to let short-term, and CASA is very selective in terms of accepting units into the portfolio. A sustainable and responsible investment strategy that takes the needs and preferences of the local population into consideration is close to CASA’s heart.